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Kruesi was diagnosed with an intellectual disability, central auditory processing disorder, and an anxiety disorder during her 2nd year of kindergarten. During her infant and toddler years, she met developmental milestones, but they always were at least 6 months or more behind her peers.

As early as kindergarten, she required daily tutoring to keep up with her class. She required daily tutoring through 3rd grade. She gave tremendous effort to the point of exhaustion but still struggled with any and all schoolwork. Her anxiety continued to evolve to the point of sleeplessness.

By 3rd grade,

she was no longer able to bridge the social gap with her classmates.

She left the public school system and attend a private school from 4th through 12th grade which was targeted solely to children with various learning disabilities. Although she has the skills for basic social interaction, making and maintaining age appropriate peer relationships and social skills has always been challenging.

Kruesi struggles with reading social cues, social awareness, and she has language processing difficulties. Kruesi strongly desires to make friends successfully but requires guidance and support with social navigation. She is extremely sensitive and is aware of when she just simply isn’t fitting in socially. She yearns for social belonging.

Kruesi is extremely hardworking and always puts a tremendous and earnest effort forth with anything asked of her. She is a rule follower and is obedient, almost to a fault. Kruesi responds beautifully to simplified one step directions. Multi step directions create frustration and anxiety. She excels with clear expectations and a regular routine.

Kruesi has the ability to complete her daily needs. She is a proven “self-medder”. She has been able to successfully live independently in an apartment with a roommate with minimal assistance. With time and patience, she is able to communicate her needs effectively. Her self-advocacy skills continue to improve. She has been a dependable and reliable employee in various jobs such as at department stores folding clothes and arranging display tables.

She takes pride in her work and always does her best. She shows up to work punctually. Also, she has enjoyed volunteering with different doggie day cares. Working and volunteering are critical components to her overall happiness and self- esteem. Kruesi is incredibly organized and take great pride in her chores, cleaning, and laundry. Kruesi has learned the public transit system and is able to arrange her rides with the bus system and is able to call for a taxi independently.

Kruesi loves to travel and has a keen sense of adventure. She is brave and courageous. She is eager for her next big adventure! She anticipates moving back to NC in the very near future and beginning the next chapter of her life at Possibility Place!

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