About Possibility Place

Possibility Place was born out of a common need. Parents of differently-abled young adults were looking for a place where their children could thrive beyond their high school years. And just like anyone else, those young adults were eager to see what possibilities lay beyond the four walls of their homes.

But the reality is

there are very few living facilities for differently-abled adults throughout the US.

John and Rowena Barker decided something needed to change. After going through that very same challenge with their daughter, Kruesi, the two banded together with a group of parents, industry experts, an advisory board, and some incredible donors to create Project Kruesi. The dream was to build a space where Kruesi, and others like her, could continue to grow, thrive, and live a full and meaningful life.

Since then, we’ve adapted the name to fit our mission:

Our hope is that Possibility Place will provide a haven for individuals to live a life that feels limitless, a relief to parents faced with this challenge, and a place where anything feels possible.

follow along in our progress of making this dream a reality


A team of parents and industry experts create “Project Kruesi.”


A Board of Directors is established.

Donations are raised, allowing Project Kruesi to start becoming a reality.


Name changed to “Possibility Place” to reflect our mission.

Development plans and location are established.


A team of highly-trained staff is recruited.

Facility opens January 2021.

While Possibility Place is firm in principle and clear of vision, there is still work to be done. If this mission resonates within your heart, please consider granting the gift of possibilities.


The Board

A group of parents, industry experts, an advisory board, and some incredible donors working together to create Possibility Place.


A Place for Aaron

Aaron loves participating in activities and staying social, and Possibility Place offers plenty of opportunities to do just that.


A Home for Sam

Sam loves being close to home, but he also wanted to have some space to grow as a young adult. Learn how Possibility Place is perfect for him.


A Community for Kruesi

Kruesi craves a place where she can socialize, cook with her friends and find purpose through work and volunteering.


Friends of Possibility Place

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